Cobra Motor Scooters

When you go to check out the brand selection at any mainstream motor scooter retailer you will find only the most well known names, which is, for most consumers, beneficial because then you know the scooter you are buying is from a reliable company that can back up their product. Of these well know motor scooter manufacturers is Cobra, a company that produces and sells all varieties of motor scooters. The chances are high that you have seen a Cobra motor scooter at sometime while shopping around.The Cobra company also manufacturers Vento motor scooters which are another popularly bought product for the average scooter driver. The Vento scooters from Cobra are mostly made for commuter usage around large cities. The designs typically feature a two passenger style, similar to what many people know as mopeds. At any motor scooter retailer there is likely to be a variety of colors on each model, though you may not find the color and model you want together, but buying online guarantees that you can get the color and design you prefer.Cobra scooters also have several models under their name, such as the Cobra Gas Commuter, which is a fairly new released motor scooter. At most web sites this scooter sells for just under $600. The Commuter model is intended for driving through downtown areas, inner city areas and short distances around neighborhoods. Because this scooter model was designed to be used as an alternate vehicle, Cobra included several features that improve the quality of the ride. One beneficial feature is the front and rear shock absorbers that help compensate on slightly rough roads. Maximum speed on the Cobra Commuter is estimated at 30 mph.

A version down of the Cobra Commuter is the Cobra Gas 2 Stroke. Most of the features are the same, but the engine is slightly reduced and maximum speed decreases about 5 mph. Though it is a bit smaller version the weight capacity, set at 385 lbs, can still carry two people.Cobra also has several models of electric motor scooters, such as their Strike Pro Electric Scooter. The twist grip variable speed on this model allows you to go up to 17 mph. Although this Cobra electric scooter is a traditional standing scooter there is a special casing that holds and protects the battery and electric motor. The electric motor on the Cobra is more efficient that many other brands in that it runs for approximately 2000 cycles while others are generally at 800 cycles.One of the newest Cobra motor scooters is their Extreme Cobra Off-road model. The two stroke engine on this model lets you speed off-road, but not without the help of the extra wide wheels. The wheels on the Extreme Cobra measure 38 in. by 15 in. whereas other street use motor scooters have about 12 in. wheels. The larger wheels provide a greater surface area where the scooter is making contact with the ground, and this is helpful when driving on uneven, rough terrain. The wheels on the Extreme allow for better balance, traction and steering capabilities.

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